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About us

What is the Crowd Millionaire?

The Crowd Millionaire is an advanced automated trading system developed with the aim of making it easy for people to make profits from trading Bitcoin and other digital currencies online. The advanced technology of the software, and its ease of use, makes the Crowd Millionaire a unique trading app that is perfect for all categories of traders. Novice and seasoned crypto traders can use the Crowd Millionaire to trade crypto assets and to really make money The automated trading feature means that the system will analyze the markets and will generate profitable trading signals once lucrative trading opportunities are found. It is also able to executes trades for the user, without any intervention required. As a result of this, you can trade crypto assets at all times, even while you are away from your PC. All that you are required to do is to spend less than 20 minutes per day setting up your trading parameters of the software, and Crowd Millionaire will then generate profits for you from the cryptocurrency markets.

How the Crowd Millionaire Was Developed

The Crowd Millionaire was developed by Jeff and Mike, two brilliant college students who were committed to ensuring that more people make money from trading cryptocurrencies. By partnering with some of their innovative college friends, Jeff and Mike were able to create a software that allows virtually anyone to make money trading Bitcoin and other digital currencies, even when they lack financial market knowledge or online trading experience.

The Crowd Millionaire Success

Jeff and Mike conducted beta testing for the Crowd Millionaire software and it was a complete success. Both new and experienced traders were able to make similar profits using the auto trading app. The Crowd Millionaire has an accuracy percentage of over 99%, which makes it the leading automated trading system in the sector. For anyone who wishes to make profits trading Bitcoin and other cryptos, then the Crowd Millionaire is the right auto trading software to use.